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The procedure is quite simple: Just divide your total motivation (100%) into as many pieces as you think are correct For example, if your only motive is to make money and you treat poker as just a job, assign 100 percentage points to “Make money.”

If your primary motive is to make money, but you also enjoy socializing and meeting people, like to test yourself against competitive challenges, get a little kick from gambling, and want to pass time, you may rate Make money 40%, Socialize 20%, Competitive challenge 20%, Excitement of gambling 10%, and Pass time 10%.

If you really don’t care about making money, if the chips are just scorekeeping tokens, you may assign all your points to other categories.

If you have motives other than the ones listed, write them in the blank spaces and assign numbers to them.

Use a pencil or a computer so that you can make changes, and make sure that your numbers add exactly to 100%. After completing the following questionnaire, copy your answers in the identical questionnaire on pages 259–60.


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