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Our Story

Grace Catan, an 11th-grade homeschooler from the Philippines, created PhilosophYouth to blend the age-old wonders of philosophy with the unique culture and quirks of our generation. 

Today, PhilosophYouth exists to make it easy for young people to explore philosophy in a space designed specifically for us.

What We Do

PhilosophYouth brings together young philosophy enthusiasts from all over the world and creates opportunities for them to explore philosophy without the typical barriers that come with being younger.

We have cultivated culture of collaboration and an interconnected community of passionate young minds, with philosophy at the center of everything. Through our different programs, we seek to spark bright ideas, nurture that passion for philosophy, and build a society of big questions and even bigger solutions.

Image by Alexandru Goman

How You Can Get Involved

Join a discussion circle

Submit an essay

Find your mentor

Become a volunteer

Tell us your philosophy dream

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