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We are looking for intelligent and creative young people who are passionate about philosophy and excited to work in the world of philosophy. If you are interested in volunteering with PhilosophYouth, read about our teams, choose the one that speaks to you, and apply using the simple form below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them through our Contact Us page. 

Discussions Team

The Discussions Team prepares session primers, hosts Zoom meetings, and helps facilitate conversation during weekly discussion sessions.


Members of the Discussions Team must be able to research effectively, relate well with other people, think quickly and calmly under pressure. and have a passion for philosophical discourse and expression. 

Opportunities Team

The Opportunities Team handles the logistics of making philosophy accessible to the youth, including searching for educational opportunities, organizing events, and coordinating with various entities such as universities, foundations, and donors.

Members of the Opportunities Team must be effective communicators and diligent,  hard-working, resourceful problem-solvers.


Ambassadors promote and grow PhilosophYouth in their area and represent their area's perspective at regular meetings to help us better cater to them. 

National Ambassadors work throughout their entire country and take on the added responsibility of searching for Regional and Local Ambassadors, who work within a portion of their country, such as their state, or a smaller community, such as their hometown or high school.

Essays Team

The Essays Team screens, edits, and approves essay submissions. They also write their own original essays for the collection every month.

Members of the Essays Team must be familiar with using Google Docs, able to keenly and thoughtfully spot mistakes or areas for improvement, detail-oriented, and very familiar with English language conventions.

Multimedia Team

The Multimedia Team designs graphics for session primers, invitation posters, social media posts, and more. They also manage and moderate the PhilosophYouth social media pages and brainstorm new content ideas to help promote PhilosophYouth online. 

Members of the Multimedia Team must be creative, efficient, and passionate about making philosophy fun and relatable to all kinds of people. 

Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for applying. You will receive an email with more details within the next 24 hours.

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