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Flash Philosophy Submissions
How it Works
  1. Anyone may submit their flash philosophy piece for review. 

  2. All submissions undergo the PhilosophYouth review process to ensure that every piece published is high quality and up to par with our standards. 

  3. When an essay is published, the writer is credited and reserves the intellectual property rights to their work. PhilosophYouth does, however, reserve the right to retain or remove the piece on/from the PhilosophYouth website as we see fit. 

How to Submit
  1. Read our Submission Guidelines and ensure that your essay adheres to them.

  2. Fill out the form at the end of this page.

  3. A confirmation email (within 24 hours) will inform you that we have received your flash philosophy submission.

  4. A follow-up email will arrive within 7-14 days updating you on the status of your piece and any next steps you must take.

  5. Once your piece has been approved, we will update you with some final details before publishing it on our site.

Submission Guidelines
  1. Submissions should be approximately 200-500 words long, typically spanning just a few paragraphs and a maximum of one page (don't feel the need to fill the whole page). ​

    1. We suggest this length because these flash philosophy pieces are meant to be bite-sized conversation starters rather than fully fleshed-out theories or lengthy treatises. Please be aware that as a conversation starter, some people will almost certainly have critiques of any philosophical idea. We welcome discussion (through the comments section), though we assure you that any personal attacks will not be tolerated. 

    2. This is a loose limit, but if you would like to submit a significantly shorter or longer piece, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to consider your request.​

  2. We believe the best writing is concise and easily understandable.

    1. Writing in the first person is accepted and encouraged, while unnecessarily stilted, dated, or complicated language is discouraged.

    2. Feel free to use modern examples, but stay away from excessive and unnecessary slang or vulgarity.

  3. Suggested Structure

    1. Very quickly and briefly introduce your topic. Say what question or issue you will be tackling and your thesis statement (what single point you're trying to convince the reader of). 

    2. Explain your argument in a logical manner. Give reasons for all of your statements and conclusions, and never assume that the reader will just immediately believe what you say. 

    3. Try to include at least one strong counterargument and respond to it.

    4. Conclude by clearly, concisely, and strongly coming back to the main premises and final conclusion of your argument.  

  4. Submissions must not under any circumstances contain plagiarism. ​

    1. ​Quotes or ideas directly taken from or found in another person's work must be properly cited. 

    2. If you need help with in-text citation, simply do the best you can and make sure to include the links to all of your sources so that we can help make sure everything is cited properly. 

  5. Additional guidelines

    1. Each essay is reviewed by a real person, so if your essay is a bit out-of-the-box or there is anything that you think we should know about or that you think you need help with, feel free to include any personal notes or clarifications for the reviewer in the Notes section of the essay submission form. 
    2. Do not attempt to submit essays through emailYou may follow up and inquire about essays through email, but any essays sent through email will not be considered. Only essays submitted through the proper form will be reviewed for publication. 

    3. You may send us any further questions through or through our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions
Flash Philosophy Submission Form

Thank you for submitting your essay! You will receive a confirmation email in the next 7 days updating you on the status of your submission.

Essay Submisson Form
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