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Discussion Circles
How it Works
  1. All discussion circles are held weekly through Zoom and are free & open to all

  2. A Circle typically consists of 5-8 participants led by a PhilosophYouth discussion facilitator.

  3. A topic is chosen for each session (usually by those present at the previous one), and the discourse begins there.

  4. Everyone stands on equal footing, and all are encouraged to share their perspective on the session's topic.

How to Join
  1. Sign up using the form at the bottom of this page. 

  2. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Respond to confirm your slot and receive the Zoom details for the session(s).

  3. Enter the Zoom meeting 5-10 minutes before your Circle's schedule.

  4. If you would like to continue attending, please inform your PhilosophYouth representative at the end of the session.

House Rules
  1. All must enter the discussion circle with an open mind, ready to speak, and excited to hear other people's thoughts. 

  2. No foul language, discrimination, or harassment of any kind will be tolerated during sessions.

  3. Discussions are not formally moderated, though a PhilosophYouth representative will be present to make sure that discussion runs smoothly. 

  4. We employ an informal finish-your-thought policy, by which whoever is speaking must be allowed to finish their thought before anyone else interrupts, particularly in more heated debates. If any single person continues speaking for an extended amount of time, however, the PhilosophYouth representative may gently interject and redirect the discussion to make sure that everyone gets the chance to speak.

  5. The schedules listed in the form below are in EST (Eastern Standard Time). Please make sure to always double-check the conversion to your time zone to prevent any mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions
Discussion Sign-Up Form
Discussion Circle Sign-Up Form
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